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Class Descriptions

Below you will find descriptions of the great classes we have here at Go M.A.D. Fitness. Each one will truly help Make A Difference! If you have any questions let us know.

Body Burn

A high energy class that uses interval training to maximize fat loss, torch calories fast, create endurance and boost your metabolism.


This class will strengthen and tone your arms, abs, seat and thighs through a variety of controlled, low impact exercises. After working a muscle, stretching with lengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility. Most moves will require only your body weight, while some will incorporate light hand weights and resistance bands. Variations for beginner to experienced provides a great workout for all.

Fit Body

This class will help you get that fit body you want!  We will work on your legs, arms, glutes and abs using free weights and a mat.  Class for all fitness levels.

Dirty 30

It's a race against time!  A 30-minute high intensity workout consisting of two timed circuits.  This H.I.I.T. based class is meant to burn a large number of calories in the least amount of time, while building lean muscle and torching fat!

Twilight Yoga

This yoga class is for all fitness levels to gain balance, core strength, flexibility, stress relief, muscle recovery and spinal and joint health.

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